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NORAZO: About History and Member

NORAZO is a Korean pop/rock duo. They are famous for their funny and unique songs. They also have a unique style. Everytime they release album, they will have a new style that very attractive and impressive. The duo's name NORAZO has two meaning. From Chinese character it means "A bird tries hard to blow the horn" and in Korean it means "Play with me".
NORAZO has two member (of course!! They are duo..), JoBin and Lee Hyuk. Let's see their profile...


JoBin's real name is CHO HYUN JOON. He was born in October 25, 1974. He is 181cm tall and his weight is 70kg (it seems good..he has ideal body weight. Not too fat nor thin..^^). He is still single. And I won't talk about his private life further :)
    Jobin is the leader, vocalist and also the dancer of this group. Legend has it that Jobin once ha a very long hair and was in a heavy metal band, but it is yet to be confirmed. Before he has debuted with NORAZO, he was in a trio called T.G.S (Three Gift Set) and sang songs with funny lyrics. But T.G.S disbanded and JoBin was contemplating a solo career when he met Lee Hyuk.


    Lee Hyuk's real name is LEE JAE YONG. He was born in August 26, 1978. He is 185cm tall and his weight is 72 kg. Lee has a very good muscular body. He is praised for his six packs abs. Many female fans impress with Lee's good looking. His voice is tremendous. He is famous with his 18 level high notes (I'll talk about it in next post). And he isalso still single..:) *Good news for female fans...hahaha*

    In NORAZO Lee Hyuk is the vocalist and guitarist. he studied art until he was 20 or so. Then he decided to be a singer and guitarist. He didn't have mone for classes or rent studios. So he went to the subway station late at night and shouted when the train approached. Sometimes he walked down on Youngdong bridge and sang very loud because no one there would complain that it was too loud.
    Before debuted wiyh NORAZO, Lee was in a band Openhead. But however they disbanded after released ane album in 2003. then in 2004 he joined a rock band July. But they also disbanded  after released one album. 

    How Did JoBin and Lee Hyuk Form the Duo?
    JoBin and Lee were both practicing at the same studio in front of Hongik University. JoBin was trully impresed when he heard Lee was singing. And when JoBin saw Lee person to person he was impressed how good looking Lee was (and still good looing till today..^^). Then JoBin began to friend with Lee and they were just friend in the same profession for some time.

    Then JoBin asked Lee to form a duo with him by saying that the world needs a duo like "Green Zone" who sang rock ballades. Lee signed on and the first song he heard was "Nal Jigo" (Pick Me). Lee was shocked and thought he wad deceived. But lucky for us, he stayed on with NORAZo and NORAZO continued to make a spectacular rock songs as well as fun dance song.

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